by Cavalier in Clay

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After a year of writing dozens of songs, throwing out songs, bringing in old songs, fixing songs just to not use them, I wrote this album. I threw out all the songs I had for my next album and wrote these songs in a matter of two weeks. I am proud of each of them and they all have a different connection with me that I hope everyone who listens to it can pick up on. This is Wandering.

The second full-length album from South Carolina musician Cavalier in Clay, Wandering, represents Brady Sklar’s constantly maturing musical vision. The album is driven by folk songwriting modeled after the likes of Bon Iver and Nick Drake, and underscored with dream pop nuances inspired by Beach House and Youth Lagoon. At 10 tracks and nearly 45 minutes, Wandering captures the fleeting essences of introspection, self-actualization, and change.


released October 19, 2013

Written, recorded, and performed by Brady Sklar.
Tracks 1-3, 5, and 9 co-produced by Brady Sklar and Infinitefreefall.

Violin by Rachella Mariano.
Upright bass by Ryan Garner.



all rights reserved


Cavalier in Clay Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Eyelids
Oh it's getting late, we're both wiped out
Oh I'm getting tired of being pushed down
Slinking in to this well further I feel same
Ooh let it out it, all goes the same

Oh the morning you wake up
And I can hear your footsteps
Oh the evening and the dawn
I'd leave them all for you
Oh and the time I shut my eyes
It was worth it
Because I finally saw you
In the dark

Unreasonably so, I miss your comfort
The sun going down always looks different
Oh if the sun ever rises, I'll be amazed
I can't feel your touch, it's never quite the same

Oh I'm gonna let it out take it all with me
Oh I'm gonna tear it off and leave myself here alone
Oh they say everything happens for a reason
I don't believe that I can't hear that right now
Track Name: Bulb
Life's like a lightbulb, it dies out quick
If I start to fade away replace me then
If you give a spark, I'll start a house fire
Break me, shatter me, then throw me away

If I'm bedstruck in my shade
Toss me out, end my suffering
If I'm alive, let me be
If I'm living, take no pity on me
Track Name: Appalachia
Oh the sweet autumn leaves
They are turning black and leaving me
Shriveled and sad in the mud
Can it change you?

"Let things be," she said
As I rip the twigs off the branch
Let it leave you all the same
Cause you can't break free of it

Sitting under an oak in the rain
Holding my knees to feel safe
Looking up at the sky
Can it change you?

Look at a stream, it's only a mirage
Dip my feet in to feel calm
I am different now, I can feel the change
Cause you can't break free of it
Track Name: In a Room, In a Snowstorm
I was trapped inside, all the snow and the ice, it sank
I was in your room, smelling flowers, waiting for you
I was anxious and beating and my tongue kept receding from these words
I said I love you, I hate you, everything came together at once

I was hopeless and alone, facing my fears one at a time
I knew this would be good for me as soon as everything falls apart
So save me my darling, and hold me close
So save your love for the man you know most after all
Track Name: Masquerade
They say I'm doing fine, my love is on the brinks. She's waiting like a rock, waiting for me
They say she's alright, but I know the truth. She's lying on the ground clawing her eyes out for the truth
I said I need to breathe, and it's all the same. Just a painful cityscape from an empty window pane
I'm falling apart inside, you can see it on my face. Let her be loved they said, let her be safe

I'm trying not to cry, but it's tearing me apart. It's falling into pieces like everything else
It all goes the same. My love was never safe. I needed time to see, I needed time to change

All hopeless and alone, dolled up, no place to go. I couldn't be more healthy, I couldn't be more alone
She takes her time, leaving me to bits. I picked them up and pushed them off this godforsaken cliff
For anyone who's lost, it can weigh a ton. Like a weight on your chest or an aching in your gut
I'm feeling so alone, like the moment you left. Everything is slipping out
of grasp, but it's in my hands

When everything is lost, you can find me here. I'm keeping it together just like everyone else
When everything is gone, and no traces remain. All the ones you once loved left me in the end
When everything is lost, I'll be waiting here. I'm holding my own on this rock, dear
When everything is gone, all shattered and plain. I'll be hoping that you remember everything I said
Track Name: Wandering

I'll save you.
Track Name: Forget It
Forget my name, forget my face, I don't care, I don't care

Forget this love, forget this place, it's all gone, I tore it down

Oh it's true, you let it all go
Oh it's true, you let it all go

Oh if I had said that, Would you be gone?
But when had you, I held you wrong
Oh I'm trying to fix myself, I'm trying to be strong
But it's hard, without you, it's been so long

Forget my name, it's all the same, I'm sorry love, I'm sorry love
Forget it all, hold me close, I'm empty now, I'm empty now
Forget I said, what I said, it's nothing now, it's nothing more
Forget the past, forget the past, but don't let me go, don't let me go
Track Name: Tire Swing
Every night I dream the same old dream
It goes you and I spinning around on an old tire swing
We spun round and round till we were dizzy enough to part
But every time you came back
Every night I’m scared you won’t
It’s a lucid reel of film that’s unkempt

Spinning motionless in a car filled up with our friends
Going around until we realized the liquor was too much
Getting in trouble was always my favorite part
But every time you came back
But every night I’m scared you won’t
It’s a lucid reel of film that’s unkempt

Spinning around in our brand new wheelchairs
Laughing at the newfangled dances and how we never did that
Telling ourselves it was only a matter of time
But every time you came back
And I always knew you would
It’s a lucid reel of film that’s tidied and old
Track Name: Take Care
I'll take care of you
Even if the sky gets rough, I'll take of care of you
Even if the lining's torn, don't you follow through
I'll take care of you

I need something to care for
Something material, not proper
Will you stay by me?

I'll take care of you
Track Name: Tire Swing, Cont.
I don't think we could grow old together

And in that crushing moment, when you realize you're alone
And all those swing rides and road trips don't mean nothing
I want you to feel, like all of it meant something
I guess after all, that's where were different
There's no goodbyes, no hellos, that meant as much as now

I don't think we could grow old together