She - EP

by Cavalier in Clay

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This is a concept album about a series of dreams I had. I can't really summarize it. If you listen through you can pick up the story pretty easily. I really hope you like it.

If anyone wants to get in contact with me for business or just to chat my email is I get on there pretty often so don't be shy.


released October 20, 2012

All songs written, recorded, and performed by Brady Sklar
Co-produced by Brady Sklar and Infinitefreefall
Female backing vocals by Kelsey Darby



all rights reserved


Cavalier in Clay Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: With My ____
With My _____

Remember the garden we planted in spring? The hot Texas sun melted those buds away
Look into your heart you'll find me there again. Look into the stars surely you’ll find the a ah an ah a answers there

But hey, it’s not the same as before, when I left you in the middle of night...
Oh what am I gonna do, with my love, with you? x2

Sneak into your room the same time I left, lean down slowly kiss you on the forehead
You startle awake just as I’m leaving, you catch my coat in the door
I stay the night sleep in under you covers while you look to the stars ask where we’re all to go
I say “I don’t know” but man when I find out, I’ll come straight back and tell you all about it
But hey would you still love me that way, if I stayed this time?

Oh what am I gonna do, with my love, with you? x2
Track Name: Linger
You were wrong, I didn’t have the heart the heart to tell you, but now I think I might.
Look out! There’s a storm, but it’s never too far out your way

I’ll never fall away, so keep your thoughts at bay, I know you’d never run that way.

You were leaving, I said too much, I shouldn’t’ve left you with that weight
Goodbye, the only words I had to say, but I ran my mouth off again

It took me too long
You took the train to who knows where
You packed your bags in the middle of the night
I’m so glad, but I’m so sorry

Would you waltz with me again?

And I’m sorry I don’t care anymore I don’t anymore just come on home, come on home.

Always looking out for you, I wait on my porch all day?
The stars never seemed dimmer, but I bet they’re brighter where you
I planned my life around you, you, you, you, you…
Track Name: There Is
There’s a warmness to your touch
And a cleanness to your air
There’s a bitterness to your tongue.. you can’t taste it

There’s a cold region
In the backspace of your mind
There’s an empty spine in your journal

I see nothing wrong this way
There is something wrong you say
I feel right in every place
You talk less and less each day

There’s a false embrace
You often give
There’s a fickle touch… I can feel it

Do you often think
In the backspace of your mind
That you couldn’t be… does it bother you?

I see nothing wrong this way
There is something wrong you say
I feel right in every place
You talk less and less each day
Track Name: She
She, sits, waiting, patiently
She sat down waiting for me

But she’s just a figure in my head
and she is a flower blooming
just like a toyshop manikin
she’s limp on the ground

She sits still on my couch
I scold her for her slouch
In my attempts at love
She falls off to the rug

But I’m always peering in her mind
just like a child she follows behind
I think of waiting around for awhile
but she’s silent more than not
And I wish she could talk
I wonder how long its been
since she left her body here
Track Name: Let Go
We sat by the fire holding hands making eyes
I thought through and through how to leave walk from you
If you were just a dream it’d be simpler than loving me oh
But you’re a game, a silhouette I’ll walk from you as I please, oh

Could I have dreamt up such a flawed and true love, no.
Would you wake me up after I’ve have enough, please.
You’re fake, you’re not real, leave me be, let me steal you
I’m a joke, transcendentalist, far from romantic, oh no

I think I’ve woken up you're just a dream once again
Please come back when you will while I sleep, again
I hope, I need, I want your serenity
Play this game with my head in six years you’ll still be dead